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Reconstructing the arrival of the separatists at the crash sites of Grabovo and Rozsypne

MH17 was downed at 16:20:03 on July 17th, 2014. Soon after separatists went out to the area where the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 had fallen. By combining video and written sources it is established the first separatist units arrived at Grabovo at approximately 16:50 EEST. These were men from the Oplot battalion, arriving from Shakhtarsk, expecting having “to fight the Ukrainian pilots” of an AN-26 freighter plane, but “instead stumbled across dead bodies of civilians”.
A little earlier some separatists coming from Nikishyne arrived at Rozsypne, but soon after they also headed to the main crash site at Grabovo.
From video footage made by separatists shortly after their arrival it becomes evident the story of a SU-25 having downed MH17 was made up by Donetsk ‘headquarters’ around 17:00.

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